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ISSN: 2090-7540 e-ISSN: 2090-7559

The Pan Arab Journal of Rhinology (PAJR) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Pan Arab Society of Rhinology (PARS).

The Pan Arab Rhinology Society was born in March 2010. It is a non-governmental non-profit organization gathering rhinologists from 21 Arab countries [Asia and Africa]. Members of PARS increased from 119 members in 2010 to 257. The mission of PARS is to promote CME in the field of rhinology in Arab Countries especially amongst young doctors, to establish strong scientific activities with other regional & international societies [ERS – ARS alliance] and to establish strong taskforce to serve the Arab Communities.

PARS has run many scientific and social activities:

  • Conference organization
  • PAJR (Pan Arab Journal of Rhinology)
  • PARS news

  1. A series of very successful events and conferences were held by the PARS:
    • 1st PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, 2010
    • 2nd PARS conference in Dubai, UAE, 2011
    • 3rd PARS conference in Muscat, Oman, 2012
    • 4th PARS conference in Beirut, Lebanon, 2014
    • 5th PARS conference in Dubai, UAE, 2014 in conjunction with IRS and ISIAN
    • 6th PARS conference in Ryadh, KSA, December 2015
    • 7TH PARS conference in Manama, Bahrin, November 2016
    • 8th PARS conference in Kuwait, November 2017
    • 9th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 2018
    • 10th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 2019
    • 11th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 2020
    • 12th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 2021
    • 13th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 2022
  2. The Pan Arab Journal of Rhinology PAJR is the Official Scientific Journal of the PARS. It is widely distributed all over the Arab Countries. It is the sixth worldwide specialized magazine in Rhinology. It is published twice a year with a very distinguished editorial board from Egypt & Arab countries and national, regional, and international reviewers. The mission of PAJR is to encourage young doctors to run for proper research work, sound scientific writing and efficient scientific publishing.
  3. PARS news include:
  4. Scientific activities include:

    • Reader's digest
    • Radiology quiz
    • Case report
    • Book review
    • Video forum
    • Best practice

Social activities include:

  • Young doctors achievements
  • Arab ENT Doctors abroad reports
  • PARS Calendar (Recommended conferences & Courses)
  • Doctors database all over Arab countries
  • Authority doctors biography
  • In the memory of distinguished Arab otorhinolayngoloists who passed away with long history of support to CME
The journal is a forum to allow clinicians and researchers to exchange trending ideas in Rhinology targeting the best clinical patients care. It considers technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical, and social issues in the field of rhinology. It supports both basic and clinical research development in the diagnosis and treatment of rhinological diseases. The PAJR is an international journal that is dedicated to publishing research articles, reviews, clinical trials, and case reports.

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