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Background: Endoscopic endonasal transsphenoid approach of pituitary gland is being effectively replacing microscopic approach. This approach need a lot of training and stepwise learning to reach perfection. This study discuss the experience and pitfalls of an evolving skull base team in one institute. Aim of the work: Analysis of first sixty pituitary adenomas patients operated by an evolving skull base teams in one institute, and highlighting modifications introduced in their technique. Methodology: This is a retrospective analytical study of the medical records of first 60 pituitary adenoma patients who had presented to one center and had endoscopic trans-nasal trans-sphenoidal approach by conjoined skull base team. Results: There were 60 cases of pituitary adenoma; 23 males, and 37 females. Mean age were 46 years old. 37 cases (61%) had temporal field defect, 22 cases had visual acuity loss, 41 patients (68%) had nonfunctioning adenomas, and 18% were prolactinomas. Fifty two cases (86.6%) were macroadenoma, and 2 patients (3.3%) were microadenoma. 48 cases (80%) had suprasellar extension, while 19 cases (19%) had parasellar extension. Three cases (5%) were recurrent. Trans-nasal cavity approach was adopted in 58 cases (96.6%). 4 cases needed middle turbinate resection. Mean operative time was 3 hours. Gross total removal of the tumor were achieved in 49 cases (81.6%). Intraoperative CSF leakage occurred in 31 patients (51%). Failure of reconstruction occurred in 4 cases (6.6%). Mean duration of hospital, and ICU stay was 8, 2 days respectively. Postoperative temporary diabetes insipidus occurred in 35 cases (58.3%), 5 of them (8.3%) had permanent DI. Major CNS complications occurred in 2 cases (3%). Conclusion: The more experience gained the more modifications introduced to improve surgical outcome; more gross total resection rate, less morbidity, and mortality rates, less operative time, better quality of life of patients and less time and effort exhaustion of the team work.


Pituitary - Trans-sphenoid - Hypophysectomy - Skull base

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