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Introduction : allergic nasal polyps associated with chronic rhinosinusitis always leads to disturbed sense of smell and impaired life quality. After failure of medical treatment in the form of anti-histaminic and local steroids, we usually proceed to functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) to improve life quality.

Materials and methods : Total 48 patients were comprised in this work. All patients were subjected to routine nasal examination, nasal endoscopy and CT scans paranasal sinuses axial and coronal cuts before surgery and 3 months after operation. We used Sniffin’ sticks to assess psychophysical olfactory function.

Results : Disturbance of sense of smell was proved by psychophysical tests before surgery. Olfactory test results were matched with endoscopic examination and radiological investigations before surgery. Three months after FESS olfactory function was markedly improved and with much more better life quality. The success was dependant upon the degree of olfactory dysfunction before surgery. It was recorded that patients with hyposmia or complete anosmia were much more improved than patients with normal smell before surgery.

Conclusion : This study proved that all cases with chronic rhinosinusitis associated with nasal polyposis showed marked improvement of smell and life quality after endoscopic surgery. However, the evaluation of smell disturbance and psychosocial condition before FESS may help to detect the results of surgery regarding olfaction and life quality.


Chronic rhinosinusitis. Nasal polyps. Olfaction. FESS.

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